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Trees & Shrubs

Pequot Plant Farm carries numerous trees, bushes and shrubs, but can vary depending on the time of the year and seasonal availability. The terms bush and shrub have similar meanings and can be used interchangeably to describe a low woody perennial plant that usually has several stems. Bushes (or shrubs) are often the anchors of a landscape. Bushes come in a multitude of sizes, colors, shapes and many have flowering attributes. There are so many uses and so many distinctive combinations for shrubs and bushes, it is up to you to decide what species please your eye.

Shrubs can provide four-season beauty to a landscape. Some bushes have beautiful fall colors; some provide brightly colored stems and branches for contrast against the winter snow. Other shrubs provide early spring flowers that seem to flow like a fountain and many provide summer privacy and attractive foliage. Evergreen shrubs can provide an inviting look to an entry way or driveway. Most bushes are easy to care for and will remain attractive for long periods of time with minimal effort.


Our available species of bushes and shrubs:
Azalea, Arborvitae, Birch ,Boxwood, Hinoki Cypress, Dogwood, Harry Lauder Walking Stick, Leland Cypress, Forsythia, Witch Hazel, Holly, Juniper, Mountain Laurel, Privet, Magnolia, Dawn Redwood, Alberta Spruce, Umbrella Pine, Rhododendron, Willow, Viburnum, Wisteria.




Holiday Plants

Tis the Season at Pequot Plant Farm. If you love to decorate your home for the holidays, we have much to offer.  The greenhouses are filled with poinsettias in many colors and varieties like Jingle Bells, Winter Rose, Marble Star and more Christmas plants.

You will also find festive centerpieces, evergreen arrangements, garland, swags and cemetery boxes. Handmade decorated wreaths of all sizes will definitely get you in the Holiday spirit.  If you have a special design in mind, our team of elves can create it for you but you need to order early in the season.

Our available species of Holiday Plants:
Poinsettias, Winter Rose Poinsettias, Wreaths 8"-72", Garlands, Fresh Cut Greens, Swags, Winter Arrangements, Memorial/Cemetery Boxes, Kissing Balls, Premium Fraser Fir Christmas Trees, Live Christmas Trees Fraser Fir, Balsam, Blue Spruce, Christmas Cactus, African Violets, Cyclamen, Amaryllis, Gold Cypress, Foxtail Ferns, Frosty Ferns, Statuary.

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Perennials is a term that describes what many gardeners and homeowners strive for, which is a plant that comes back every spring. There are perennial plants that can meet just about every need a landscape has. Perennials range from low growing plants to tall growing plants, from those that produce colorful flowers to those that provide visual pleasure with glowing seed heads, such as those exhibited by some ornamental grasses. Perennial gardens need to be planted only once. The perennial garden can contain plants that flower, plants with colorful leaves and foliage, and low growing ground covers for that especially shady spot.

Perennials tend to die back to the ground each winter. Perennial plants generally have fewer major problems than annuals and are sustainable with lower care and maintenance needs. Blooming perennials tend to average about 3 weeks of bloom time so choosing plants with attractive structure and foliage and flowers will enhance your landscape for years to come. We offer an extensive list of perennials for various needs below. 

Our available species of Perennials:

Shasta daisy, Echinacea, Black Eyed Susan Vine, Bee Balm, Creeping Phlox, Salvia, Sedum, Asters, Dianthus, Clematis, Day Lily, Hosta, Iris, Peony, Lambs Ear, Anemone, Bellflower, Clematis, Jacobs Latter.



Annuals are a wonderful, colorful, and integral part of the plant world. By definition, an annual is a plant that flowers and dies in the same year or growing season.  Some flowering plants are perennials in warm climates and annuals in colder climates such as the Calibrachoa plant. In gardening, most people think of an annual as a plant that grows, blooms, and dies in one growing season.  Some perennials are treated as annuals because they cannot survive the winters in cold climates. Tomatoes, sweet potato vines, and peppers would be examples. Some ornamental annual perennials are impatiens, snapdragons, coleus, and petunias.

Annuals only last one year but they provide so much color that they are an integral part of most landscapes. They provide color in shady areas and other small spaces in the landscape. The multitudes of color you can obtain from nursery grown annuals can just light up a yard. When some spring flowers fade, only an annual can provide quick color in that empty space.

Colorful annuals are available for shady, sunny, or partial sunny areas. They can be containerized, planted in beds, placed in window sill boxes, hanging baskets, and accentuate other perennial plants in the landscape. Annuals are available for early spring flowers, mid-season flowers, and summer flowers. Only your imagination can determine the limits of what you can do with an annual.



About Us

Pequot Plant Farm is a family owned and operated garden center that has been growing beautiful plants for the public since 1969. We specialize in custom mixed hanging baskets and planters. Choose from our own unique combinations or allow us to provide you with our healthy plants to do your own.

We grow bedding plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs, perennials, trees, shrubs and holiday plants to include Easter Lilies, Mums and Poinsettias.

When Spring is near we will be taking special orders. Give us a call or stop in with your pots and baskets. If you had a favorite combination from last spring, check your containers. There should be a group of tags between the soil and the side of the pot identifying the plants.
Before returning planters to be re-filled, please empty out the old soil and foliage. The sooner we receive your orders, the longer they will have to grow. Please feel free to print out pictures from our website and bring them in.

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